League Rules

***General Rules for all Leagues***

The main goal of Toronto Dodgeball is to have fun. Members must always remember that these are recreational leagues. There are no pro scouts at games so there is no reason to have aggressive play.

Regular Player Eligibility

  • All players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All players must have an online profile.
  • All players should be on the roster of the team they are playing for. However, players may play for another team on a temporary basis if that team is short of players (The player must have an online profile though). This applies only for the regular season.

Playoff Eligibility

  • Players must be on the team roster.
  • Players can only be on 1 roster per division.
  • Players must have played at least 3 games during the regular season.

Team Captains Responsibilities

  • Make sure all players on roster.
  • Make sure equipment is at all games.
  • Make sure all players know the rules.
  • Make sure that all team members play within the rules and within the spirit of Toronto Dodgeball.
  • Be the person of contact for the team for the league and other captains.
  • Report scores within 24 hours of completion of game.
  • Make sure that the team has a first aid kit.

Physical or Unsportsmanlike Play

  • Toronto Dodgeball is a place for recreational sports. There is no need or tolerance of aggressive play. Aggressive players/teams may be ejected from the league with out refund at the discretion of the league. Please report any aggressive play through the email contact on the website.

Alcohol & Drugs

  • In co-ordinance with the TDSB policy regarding Community Use of Board Facilities, Toronto Dodgeball imposes a very strict NO ALCOHOL & DRUG POLICY.
  • Any players/team found using either substance on school property will be removed and banned from the league immediately without refund!
  • TDSB has a no smoking/fire policy within all of their schools. Any smoking or un-authorized use of fire within the school can lead to suspension or expulsion from Toronto Dodgeball.

Objectionable Conduct

  • Any conduct that results in the loss of a permit is subject to discipline action. This includes damage to venues, showing disrespect to venue staff and any other action which endangers a permit for Toronto Dodgeball.
  • Please do not play in the hallways of venues while waiting for your game to begin. We can lose permits this way.

Game Points

  • Teams receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
  • Standings are based on game points.
  • If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be as follows: 1) head-to-head, 2) plus-minus, 3) Coin flip.


  • A default counts as a loss. If a team defaults three times in a season, it will be removed from the schedule.

Spirit Points

  • Spirit Points are given by each team to the other team to reflect their sprit and sportsmanship displayed during the game.
  • Points are to be awarded based on the actions at the game.
  • When reporting the score, the captain will also report the spirit score. It is given on a 5-point scale (5 points for a very spirited team showing lots of sportsmanship, 0 for a team showing absolutely no spirit or sportsmanship).
  • By their nature, Spirit Points are subjective, but captains should try to be consistent with their criteria for giving points.
  • Spirit Points are not incorporated into the standings, but are kept as a separate total.

Score Discrepancies

  • Teams must come to agreement as to the score. Toronto Dodgeball recommends that each team appoints one scorekeeper to keep a tally of the scores during the game. If there is a discrepancy, team captains must contact each other to come to an agreement. All discrepancies must be brought up before the next game is played. If the disputed game is the final game, any discrepancy must be brought up within 3 business days of the game.

Foul Weather

  • Games are played rain or shine, in hot weather and in cold weather.
  • Indoor games are to proceed as long as the venue is open.
  • In the event of foul weather, and you are not sure if the other team is coming, please contact the opposing captain. Also, if you know for sure that you team is not going to come to the game, the team captain should notify the opposing team captain. This way the opposing team will have the option of coming. They may also use the time/venue as practice time.
  • If a team notifies another team that they aren't going to make it, that team will be given a default loss. They can not decide to show up after all and claim the opposing team should get a default for not showing up.
  • Please make the decision of whether to play or not at the game location at game time. Weather often changes very quickly. Games that do not look like they are going to happen at 4pm, can often be fine by 7pm. 6) The final decision on whether to play rests with the teams.
  • When severe weather happens during a game (e.g. lightning), stop playing immediately and take cover for 15 minutes. See if the weather subsides. If it does, continue with the game. If it does not, the game ends there, and the score stands as it was at the time of stoppage as long as at least 30 minutes of the game was played.
  • Games cancelled due to foul weather will be attempted to be re-scheduled. There is no guarantee, and there are no refunds for games cancelled due to weather.

Indoor Shoes

  • For gym sports, please wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles.


  • Registration is not complete until payment is received (and therefore the spot is not assured until payment is received).
  • There are no refunds given after registration deadline has passed.
  • Refunds given before the registration deadline are subject to a $25 administration fee.
  • No refunds due to defaulted or cancelled games, for injuries, or for any player or team that is suspended or ejected from Toronto Dodgeball.

Team Names

  • Toronto Dodgeball encourages teams to come up with creative names for their teams, however they should not contain any obscenities or objectionable content. Toronto Dodgeball reserves the right to change any names which it deems as objectionable.

Inclusion & Diversity

  • TDL leagues are designed to be inclusive for everyone who are 18 years of age or older.
  • Many of our leagues are offered in "traditional" formats such as Men's, Women's, and Coed. Within those league formats, each specific league will usually have gender-based rules which specify certain gender requirements for each team. The goal within those rules is always to ensure that each player has the ability to find the league that is most appealing to them, where they will feel both comfortable and included
  • Everyone who joins TDL is welcome to participate in our leagues based on their individual gender identity/expression, which may or may not be the gender assigned at birth, and each individual can join our leagues under the gender that they most identify with
  • Participants whose gender identity does not align with the binary Male/Female construct are welcome to compete in any league that they feel comfortable participating in, regardless of format or gender-based rules within the specific league
  • All "Men's" leagues are available to anyone that would like to participate in that particular league, regardless of gender or gender identity, but all players should be prepared to play against mostly males
  • All "Women's" leagues are available to anyone that would like to participate in that particular league, regardless of gender or gender identity, but all players should be prepared to play against mostly females
  • All "coed" leagues are available to anyone, regardless of gender or gender identity
  • Nonbinary, trans, genderqueer, and all other players who identify as a gender minority can count towards the roster minimums for either men or women in any of our leagues, including any coed leagues, and in essence will just count as a player. In these instances the players will always make these decision for themselves and someone from their team will relay this to their opponents so that there is no confusion.

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